Monday, November 10, 2014

Scruffing Season

A recent post on buzzfeed grabbed my attention for two reasons.

Reason #1. It was a collection of photos featuring rather good looking men.

Photo c/o Beard Love on Pinterest

Reason #2. These rather good looking men were all exceptionally well groomed.

When I say well groomed, I mean Hair, Beard, Mustache.... ON POINT (or "On Fleek" as social media is trending). Needless to say I have always appreciated a well dressed fella with a bit of scruff and average [hair] do, but this new breed of perfectly kept Urban Lumberjack has me asking the question : Are men having a serious beauty moment?
The answer? Yes!
I have seen top knots that are more perfect than that of any ballerina. I have glanced at beards as soft as a baby's ... well, the little hair that a baby would have. So I would like to extend my gratitude to the gents of the tri-state area. Thank you for taking pride in your appearance and making it even easier for us ladies (and some blokes) to look at you.

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