Sunday, June 2, 2013


I woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to be outside, and to eat fruit tart. There is this beautiful little town on Long Island that goes by the name of Northport; by beautiful I mean picturesque, quaint, friendly and just straight up precious.
I drove in to the harbor-side parking and walked over to the Copenhagen Bakery where low and be hold, my fruit tart was waiting for me! So in the corner of this cute little bakeshop, I enjoyed this little strawberry and kiwi treat whilst basking in the litter red-trimmed, sun drenched window.
Afterwards, I walked over to the harbor and found a perfect bench to sit on. I say it's perfect because its beneath massive tree and it gives me a pleasant view of all the sailboats bobbing on the water. As I'm on this awesome bench reading a book, all I can think about is how relieved I am that I wore this white h&m sundress (that's providing the perfect amount of cool), and how delicious that fruit tart was!

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