Saturday, February 18, 2012

ooh Taylor Swift

So the other night, I was watching the Grammy Awards while simultenously spitting out status updates about every "WTF" moment and performance that went down
When Taylor Swift appeared on her artsy stage setup with her banjo in tow and her country bears jamboree... the first thing I said out loud was " WTF she looks like she just escaped the hills have eyes!"
Funny, I know.
But as her performance of her song "Mean" went on, I'm not going to lie I started to LOVE it, and I LOVED her outfit (not to mention I am an absolute sucker for the banjo". Im still currently trying to find the make of that dress..

I ended up channeling her Hillbilly-chic style the next day! Unintentional of course, I just felt free people and anthropologie calling my name and ended wearing this! Not gonna lie, I LOVED THAT OUFIT

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